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Rincon Point, Ca

Lately I have been trying to find inspiration from smaller waves since there hasn’t been all that much size in the water around here. Although it’s certainly nothing to write home about, there have been some fun little waves at Rincon the past couple of days. Hopefully this winter will start to kick into gear and some good west swell will come our way, until then don’t forget about all the little things…

Fallen Tides


On a drive down the 1 this afternoon I stumbled across this sight. The tide was lower than usual today and some sandbars were actually dry. Although didn’t find any surf today I managed to find these little waves in the sand.  

Pool Slash

Black and Blurred


“All my life I have pulled inspiration from the ocean, its mesmerizing beauty has held me captive for as long as I can remember. It has been this obsession that fuels my desire to create. As an artist I draw influence from the contrasting nature of the sea, calm and beautiful or ugly and powerful the ocean has many different faces. It is through my photography that I aim to evoke similar emotion within the viewer as I have found in my own life through the water.”

  Evan Conway

Bomb Hills

On a trip up to the mountains yesterday I found myself right in the middle of a downhill free skate session being put on by Arbor Skateboards. There was something like 60 skaters warming up for a downhill race being held up there today. It was definitely a nice surprise to stumble across these guys shredding up there. Here are a few shots I managed to grab..

Green Glass

This morning I found some leftover NW swell in the water just south of Santa Barbara. Super clean and completely empty except for a few dolphins who scored it all to themselves. I only managed 15 minutes of shooting time since the morning rush hour was in full effect and I had to navigate back to downtown Santa Barbara for class. Always a pleasure to see empty perfection regardless of the size. Hopefully this winter picks up sooner rather than later.

Catalina Underwater

During the In-Water Photography course last semester Ralph Clevenger took our class on a 5-day boat trip to dive at Catalina Island. This was easily the best class I have taken so far at Brooks Institute, although my current semester is shaping up to be all-time. Heres a few shots of the underwater landscape found just off shore at Catalina. Max and I explored the underwater kelp forests top to bottom for the better part of a week. Underwater caves, sharks and sea lions were all experienced first hand during our dives out on Catalina, which is one of the most stunning underwater worlds I’ve ever had the opportunity to see.

Lundy Lake

The Mask

Here are a few shots I took of an Atomic Aquatics dive mask geared more towards the commercial realm of underwater photography. I shot the self portrait off Catalina Island while the other two were done in a pool in Santa Barbara, CA. My buddy Chris Laughter helped by modeling for me in the pool. Its amazing what you can do when lighting subjects underwater.