Eastern Surf Magazine Showing Love

After taking a brief look at the last year and a half I have spent studying at Brooks Institute, I’ve learned a couple of things to say the least. While I have learned an exponential amount through my core classes in lighting of every kind, the high level of production required 100% of my time  with zero opportunities to work on my own affairs. This has made it difficult to find time for submitting images to magazines and other publications, which was once the motivational fuel to my creative fire.  Eastern Surf Magazine or ESM as its called back on the east coast is one magazine that I have enjoyed ever since I was probably nine or ten years old. Little did I know back then that ESM would some day play an influential role in my career choice to be a photographer. They gave me a shout out in their recent issue (ESM: #170 August 2013) and they also hooked me up with a subscription while I attend school out here on the west coast. ESM and its staff are truly unique and I am stoked to help out after all the good vibes and continuing support I have received from them over the years. Even after a short hiatus from my regular contributions they’re still showing love!


Bose Studio Backgrounds

This series of images was shot for the studio background assignment in Lighting Studio at Brooks Institute. Its been a year since LS and I thought I would post this assignment here to share. Great class, learned so much about lighting and how important it is to understand, whether you’re in the studio or not.  Using a 4×5 camera one must be very meticulous when shooting.

The White Fire

The past couple of weeks have been extremely active in the natural disaster department. Mother Nature has been very relentless on parts of the country whether it be enormous tornado’s devastating the midwest or one-hundred foot flames engulfing the Californian mountain sides. Granted you can not blame the weather for a single campers stupidity when it comes to properly disposing of hot coals; You can however say the drought that we are experiencing here in Southern California had something to do with the rapid ignition of last mondays “White Fire”. We experienced a beautiful Memorial Day here in Santa Barbara up until about 2:45pm when you could first see the enormous smoke cloud billowing over the mountains bordering town to the north. The thick plume of smoke and ash blew directly over downtown Santa Barbara all the way out to the Channel Islands and beyond. The fire managed to burn nearly 2,000 acres before the days end on Monday evening and then the next morning a thick fog accumulated in the affected area and helped fire fighters completely contain the blaze by Tuesday Night. Being from New York, I have never seen anything like it; I’m extremely glad nobody got hurt and I salute all the fire fighters that did an amazing job of keeping the situation under control.

Watercolor Portraits

Here is a series I created for my Final Six in my Lighting People class at Brooks Institute. Shooting underwater opens up so many different possibilities as well as challenges but can be very rewarding with a little trial and error. I hope to continue expanding my work in, of, or under water so that I can share this inspirational force of nature with you.

West Coast Diversity

The Road

Commercial Color

Here are a couple of images I created for Color Workflow @ Brooks Institute.


Art History


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